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Two Cylinder Collectibles

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Ever wondered how much Grandpa's old John Deere pocket knife was worth? Uncle Henry's collection of sales brochures? Then this is the book for you! Written and researched by Greg Stephen, this book organizes the vast field of collectibles produced by Deere during the Two Cylinder's heyday into an easily referenced book listing many of the more popular items and their value. A great gift for all collector's!

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New Pony Ring Gear

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New item! Starter ring gear for ALL pony motors!

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1/16th Scale Waterloo Boy Tractor

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The absolute standard in the farm toy collecting world is the Precision Classics line of farm toys. Shown here is one of the best, the 1/16th scale Waterloo Boy tractor. This is the tractor that Deere took over when they purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company to get into the tractor business. To own a real Waterloo Boy is the goal of every John Deere collector, a goal which is extremely difficult to realize as likely no more than 200-400 remain today. This unbelievably detailed replica toy is the next best thing and has to be seen to be believed. It is #15 in the series.

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